Welcome to Creekside Preschool. Here at Creekside we believe:

  • Play is essential for a child’s growth and development
  • Children develop at individual rates
  • Activities should be open-ended

Our Three Year Old Program includes:

  • Learning Topics – Bugs & Animals, The Five Senses, Safety, Cooking, Dental Health, Science, and Music are some of our projects of study.
  • Field Trips – We take field trips to the Fire Station, Living History Farms and on our own nature trail.
  • Conferences – Parent-Teacher conferences in March keep parents informed.

Our Four Year Old Program includes:

  • Curriculum – We use Creative Curriculum® which helps your child develop their full learning potential.
  • Learning Topics – Balls, Rocks, Literature, Exercise & Nutrition, Plants and Butterflies are some of our projects of study for our four/five year olds.
  • Field Trips – We take field trips in our four/five year old program to the Bowling Alley, Living History Farms and on our own nature trail.
  • Conferences – Parent-Teacher conferences in November and March keep our four/five year old parents informed.

Creekside Preschool Represents Quality in Washington D.C.
Recently, photos and descriptions of Creekside Preschool were taken to Washington D.C. by a local Iowa Childcare Resource and Referral representative. By using great examples of what quality care in Iowa should look like, she hopes to influence funding and legislation for all children in Iowa. Creekside was honored to be seen by representatives of Senator Joni Ernst, Congressman Steve King, and Senator Charles Grassley. Thanks CCR&R for recognizing our commitment to quality at Creekside Preschool.

Please see our more detailed program description under Class Details. You can also contact us via email at creeksidepreschool@outlook.com or call us at 515-277-8454 with any questions you may have!

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